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FAQ - mTicketTbc - EN

mTicketTBM Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mTicketTBM?
What does the mTicketTBM give access to?
How long is the mTicketTBM valid?
Can I get mTicketTBM for the other people travelling with me?


What is the mTicketTBM?

The mTicketTBM is a virtual travel pass available during large sporting and cultural events in Bordeaux and the surrounding area.

Using a smartphone, it is possible to load your travel pass and to travel on the TBM network (Tram, Bus and river shuttle (Bat³ - pronounced BatCub - ) in Bordeaux and the surrounding area).

What does the mTicketTBM give access to? 

The mTicketTBM gives you unlimited access to the tram, bus and bat³ lines in Bordeaux and the surrounding area.

It does not give you access to the TBM network staging areas.

To find the lines which serve the areas you are interested in, click here.

How long is the mTicketTBM valid?

On the activation email that you received after your ticket purchase, the validity of your mTicketTBM will be shown on the order summary.

Can I get mTicketTBM for the other people travelling with me?

The code sent to you can only be used once. People travelling with you must therefore get their own travel pass to use the TBM network. 
If your companions have their own mTicketTBM, you can activate it on your mTicketTBM App if you wish.
In fact, the mTicketTBM App lets you activate as many travel passes as you wish.



Why have I received an email to activate the mTicketTBM? 

If you have received an email inviting you to activate your mTicketTBM, it is because you ordered this travel pass in the TBM network online store. 
This email will describe the steps to take to activate your mTicketTBM and contains a unique 5-digit activation code for your use.
Please note that your mTicketTBM MUST be activated to travel on our tram, bus and bat³ lines.

How do I activate my mTicketTBM?

mTicketTBM activation is simple and only takes a few minutes. You will need:
o    To have received an mTicketTBM activation code.
o    To have a smartphone with one of the following downloading platforms: The App Store, GooglePlay or Windows Store.
o    To have an internet connection.
To activate your mTicketTBM please use the following steps:

Download the mTicketTBM App
Go to your download platform according to your mobile phone:
o    The AppStore from an iPhone,
o    The Play Store from an Android Phone,
o    The MarketPlace from a Windows Phone,
Using the search feature, input the name of the free App « mTicketTBM ». You can then download it.

Activate your mTicketTBM

Once the App has downloaded, open it and follow the installation process.
You will be asked to activate your travel pass using a unique activation code. At this point, input the unique code that was sent to you in an email. The code will consist of 5 characters.
When the App has been activated, do not delete it as you will not be able to reuse your unique access code.
If you have several mTicketTBM passes to activate on your App, click on “Add a code". You can activate as many mTicketTBM passes as you wish.

How can I be sure that I have correctly activated my mTicketTBM?

If your screen shows information about validating your mTicketTBM on the network, this confirms that the activation has been successful.
When the App has been activated, do not delete it as you will not be able to reuse your unique access code.



Do I have to validate my mTicketTBM?

Your mTicketTBM pass will need to be validated each time you use a Tram, Bus and Bat³ line, including connections. If you travel with an invalid or non-validated mTicketTBM, you will be liable for a fine of 51.50€.

How to validate on the TBM network with a mTicketTBM?

The ticket validating machines for the tram, bus and bat³ lines have a reader on the righthand side.
When you board, open your mTicketTBM App and choose your validation mode: Using a QR Code, or NFC Tag (if your telephone has this function).
o    Using a QR code: You just need to scan the QR code using your phone
o    Using NFC Tag: Hold your phone against the reader for a few seconds
If the validating machine does not have a reader, please go to another machine.

If you have several mTicketTBMc passes to validate, choose the codes you want and then validate using the QR Code or NFC Tag.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to validate?

No, validation can be done without an internet connection.

What happens if tickets are checked?

If your ticket is checked, show your App to the official. He will ask you to click on the “Check” button, to confirm that your mTicketTBM is both valid and validated.

If you have several mTicketTBM passes, choose the code you need and click on the "Check " button.



I have not received my activation code by email

Please contact our advisors on
Please have your order number ready. You may be asked for it.



You can find all the information necessary to help you travel well at www.infotbm.com (available in French, English and Spanish).
To create a personalised itinerary, click here.
To see a complete map of all of the transit lines in Bordeaux and the surrounding area, click here.
To see timetables and line maps, click here.

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